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QFG Series Fully Automatic Lead Oxide Production Line
For lead oxide production.
Functions & Features: 
1. This line is the new generation of High-efficient & Energy-saved lead oxide production line, which absorbs the experience of advanced lead oxide manufacturing technology home and abroad, having the advantages of stable running, high-efficient and energy-saved, high quality with competitive price, is the ideal selection for lead oxide manufacturing;
2. It adopts power transducer to control the cylinder feeding, to realize the constant power control;
3. It adopts internal water cooling, non-positive-pressure blowing system, to realize low consumption for main unit and high efficiency for lead oxide production;
4. Exhaust gas shall be treated by high-efficient dust collector, so it meets the National Discharge Standard;
5. It is equipped with pre-heat system for main unit. Air flow will be adopted the pre-heated interlining air between drum and enclosure, to keep the ambient temperature affect physical and chemical indexes of lead oxide not than  ±1%;
6. PLC touch screen with fully automatic control, timely displaying operation status &parameters of each unit, and automatically recording, as well as displaying alarming for malfunction and solving the problems.
Technical Parameters:

1.Apparent Density:1.2~1.5g/cm3
2.Oxidization Degree:70%-80%
4.Screenings:≤1%(screen mesh 100)

Models Control Method Air Control Method Cooling Method Rotational Method Main Unit Power Capacity (Day)
QFG-14S Power Negative External Water Spraying Chain Wheel 75Kw 14T/D
QFG-24S Power Negative External Water Spraying Chain Wheel 132Kw 24T/D
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