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QF500C/1000C Series Fully Automatic Lead Oxide Production Line
For lead oxide production, it can produce all kinds of lead oxide with different apparent density.
Functions & Features: 
1. This line is one kind of High-efficient & Energy-saved lead oxide production line, it is the third generation SHIMADZU lead oxide production line, which absorbs the experience of advanced lead oxide manufacturing technology home and abroad;
2. Main unit of the lead oxide ball mill has the advantages of unique design for air flow, stable production quality, adjustable positive/negative air pressure. It has several points temperature-measuring in the drum and water spraying outside drum, to have high precision of temperature control.
3.  It uses the power transducer of controlling cylinder feeding, to realize constant power control;
4. All the parameters shall be monitored and shown by Industrial man-machine interface and PLC. It uses closed-loop control, all parameters are in parallel connection, all equipments shall be shown the real-time running condition and parameters, they can be recorded, printed and given alarm when in abnormal condition.
5. Exhaust gas shall be treated by high-efficient dust collector, so it meets the National Discharge Standard.
Technical Parameters:

1. Apparent Density: 1.2~1.4g/cm3 or 1.4~1.65g/cm3 or 1.6~1.85g/cm3
2. Oxidization Degree: 70%-80%
3. Acid-absorption: 220-280mg/g
4. Screenings: ≤1% (screen mesh 100)

Models Control Method Air Control Method Cooling Method Rotational Method Main Unit Power Capacity (Day)
QF500C-12L Power Positive/Negative External Water Spraying Chain Wheel 75Kw 12T/D
QF1000C-28L Power Positive/Negative External Water Spraying Chain Wheel 132Kw 28T/D
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