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SGH20B Epoxy Seal Curing Machine
For curing and drying epoxy resin in small &medium-capacity battery manufacturing process.
Functions :
Preset temperature and adjust the transmission speed according to specific requirements, push prepared batteries onto chain belt at the gate of Curing Machine, batteries will automatically enter inside Curing Machine for curing and automatically come out when curing comes to the end.
It takes integrated welding structure, pulling-style heating-tube device, continuously variable transmission, double-row chain conveyer belt and hot air stereo cycling mode, can improve greatly efficiency of energy utilization. Meantime, it has advantages of fast temperature rise, high precision of constant temperature, equilibrium temperature inside the machine and overheating alarm. Nice design structure and easy operation.
Technical Parameters:
1. Input Power: Three phase, AC380V, 50Hz
2. Applicable Battery: 2~24Ah(Add pallet if under 7AH)
3. Curing Temperature Range:  Indoor temperature~85℃
4. Conveyer Speed: 64~320mm/min
5. Drive Mode: Chain belt, continuously variable transmission

Models Net Inner Size (M) W×D×H) Machine Power(KW)
SGH20B 6(8、10、12) × 0.5 27(27、32、43)

SGH20B双排 8(10、12)× 1 32(43、53)
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