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QM10 Automatic Air Leakage Tester
For testing sealing conditions between cover and container or after gluing.
Functions :
Step on pedal switch for the first time to inflate prepared battery to test the sealing of partitions, when inner air-pressure reaches set upper-limit, inflation will automatically stop and equipment will keep the air pressure for a while, if air pressure falls below set lower-limit within preset time, testing result will come out that sealing level between case and cover or partition does not meet requirement and then alarm. If the first testing-result is qualified, a second inflation is needed to test the sealing of other partitions and whole cover with case, only two testing results are OK, gas tightness between case, cover and partitions can be judged as qualified.
This machine has advantages of high controlling precision, stable testing performance and so on. Microprocessor can precisely test leakage voltage with digital display, combinatorial test moulds can be used for relative batteries. It can greatly improve production efficiency and products’ qualified rate if choosing this machine.
Technical Parameters:
1. Testing Pressure: 0~100KPa
2. Testing Time: 0~99s adjustable
3. Testing Speed: 100pcs/h/station

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